Dallas researchers aim to accelerate women’s health clinical trials

Local researchers are combining critical components that can help accelerate research for women’s health trials   DALLAS, TX – Conditions like endometriosis and uterine fibroids impact many women but are not fully understood. Common symptoms include pain and there are limited treatment options; therefore, clinical trials are vital to helping researchers find better treatments.  …

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Women’s Health Research: Closing the Recruitment Gap

Innovate research is paramount to accelerating the discovery of future women’s health treatments and therapies. Our proven model at Cedar Health Research enables us to match qualified female patients quickly and efficiently to women’s health trials. Improved recruitment techniques are a win for clinical trial volunteers, doctors and study sponsors.   Closing the Recruitment Gap…

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Accelerating Women’s Health Research

Indications such as endometriosis and uterine fibroids are the tip of the iceberg in women’s health research. Many of these conditions are not fully understood; therefore, clinical research is vital to helping researchers find better treatments and therapies to improve the health and well-being of women around the globe. The team at Cedar Health Research,…

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Results Through Connections

Physician-Engagement in Clinical Trials

Clinical researchers face uphill challenges in patient recruitment as clinical trial protocols have become more and more complex over the years. Cedar Health Research, backed by Aspen Insights technology, facilitates new connections between physicians, their patients, and clinical trial opportunities to accelerate patient recruitment. A few points we will cover:   Gain insight on the…

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Finding Trial Patients Through AI Technology

Finding Trial Patients through AI-Technology

Patient recruitment has historically been one of the most difficult challenges facing the clinical research industry. Cedar Health Research and Aspen Insights are solving the clinical trial recruitment gap by finding “needles in a haystack” with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI).   The Recruitment Problem Sites and Sponsors often face several barriers when recruiting for clinical…

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Cedar Health Research: Powering Clinical Research with State-of-the-Art Technology

Let’s face it; the clinical research process has proven to be a debilitating tide of inaccurate patient recruitment results, minimal physician participation, and lack of qualified patients. Fortunately, Cedar Health Research, with the power of Aspen Insights technology, is striving to give back to the research community by providing a streamlined approach to clinical trials.…

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Cedar Health Research: Prepared and Equipped to Conduct your COVID-19 Study

Clinical researchers around the world are in the race to find an effective vaccine and treatments for the novel coronavirus that has taken the world by surprise this year. With the help of AI-technology and access to breakthrough antibody testing, Cedar Health Research, stands ready to enroll and execute faster for upcoming COVID-19 clinical trials.…

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Local Doctors, Researchers Hope to Answer Unknowns About COVID-19 and Pregnancy

Original Article From NBCDFW.com Published April 22, 2020 Like most moms-to-be, Salma Grado is excited and a bit nervous expecting her first child. Pregnancy always brings mixed emotions, but anxieties have been heightened by the unknowns surrounding the coronavirus. “It’s a really unsettling time to be pregnant especially with your first child,” said expectant mother…

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