By utilizing Aspen Insights’ technology solutions to match patients to clinical trials in real time, we grant providers additional tools for managing the most challenging healthcare needs of the population they serve.  

Our full-service model avoids most of the traditional obstacles that come with bringing research to private practices, allowing physicians and patients to reap the benefits without the burden.

The Role of the Practice

  • Authorize secure access to patient data
  • Review and approve patient-trial matches
  • Engage patients about clinical trial participation
  • Monitor patient progress and findings

The Role of Cedar Health Research

  • Coordinate all regulatory and operational aspects of the trial
  • Host all study visits at dedicated site with our qualified personnel
  • Manage relationship and communications with sponsors
  • Communicate study participant status and outcomes
  • Compensate practice for their time

The Future of Healthcare Research

A key driver for high drug pricing stems from challenges during the clinical trial phase of R&D
Clinical Trial Challenges
Enrollment is the Challenge
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85% of clinical trials experience delays1
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11% of sites fail to enroll a single patient2
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33% of Phase III clinical study terminations are due to enrollment difficulties
Unmet needs for patients
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86% of adults agree that clinical trials should be discussed as a part of their standard of care3
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Only 15% of patients are aware that they may be a candidate for clinical trials at the time of diagnosis
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Less than 5% of cancer patients participate in clinical research that could improve care4
Patient Needs

Our collaborative process ensures the time commitment of the referring practice is minimized, coordination of care is maintained, patient satisfaction is achieved, and patient safety and privacy remain paramount.

Aspen identifies likely candidates for a given trial
Physician approves
patient-trial matches
Cedar and physician jointly engage patient
Cedar conducts trial
Trial comes to a close

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