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Cedar Health Research® is powered by the Aspen Insights technology, Aspen Forge, that securely connects with our healthcare partners EMRs to support more accurate population analytics, data-driven feasibility analyses, robust candidate identification, and instant match lists of pre-qualified patients. The platform connects each of CHR’s healthcare partnership’s various EMRs into one pane of glass for insights across the entire site network, with the ability to narrow the scope to a single site or connected practice.

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Aspen Forge supports Cedar Health Research by offering:

Population Analytics Visualization

Utilizing the population analysis dashboard, Forge visualizes the entire connected patient population. As a multi-purpose tool, CHR can see their complete patient access across their various healthcare partnerships within the network or as a single site, inclusive of age, gender, race, ethnicity, BMI, distance from site, and more. This facilitates our ability to provide feasibility for specific patient cohorts, based on race and ethnicity, and achieve diverse enrollment by identifying racial/ethnic-related cohorts, and assess the impact of complex I/E criteria to a trial.

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Data-Driven Feasibility Analysis

While many sites rely on best guesses around feasibility, the Feasibility Analysis tool allows CHR to generate enrollment feasibility based on the connected patient population. Using the criteria search tool, the platform generates real, data informed projections for site enrollment based on identifying specific I/E criteria within the patient records. Forge uses a monte carlo system to simulate a graph, visualizing and generating more realistic and accurate enrollment numbers.

Robust Candidate Identification

Through the connected EMRs, CHR is able to quickly search their entire population of deidentified patient records for specific inclusion/exclusion criteria. This process removes hours of manual chart review for our physicians and clinical teams by generating a deidentified list of records with highlights of I/E criteria found within the record, and a ‘match reasoning’ summary of why a patient fits the criteria. Once reviewed, patients are either disqualified or pre-qualified for the study.

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Instant Match Lists of Pre-Qualified Patients

Once potential candidates have been identified as pre-qualified, they are pushed over to a match list, ranking best matches to worst, and are reidentified for outreach, through the preparatory to research regulations. With the reidentified, pre-qualified patient match list, the recruitment and patient education teams can begin outreach to perform pre-screenings.

Direct Integration with RealTime CTMS

CHR utilizes RealTime CTMS for study tracking, which is integrated directly into Aspen Forge, to instantly push the match list into RealTime for further outreach, education, study recruitment, and study tracking.

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At Cedar Health Research, it is our mission to transform the clinical research domain through the effective adoption of innovative technologies. Cedar Health Research, with the power of Aspen Insights’ technology, can provide superior enrollment results through applied artificial intelligence.

We can provide trial criteria analysis, feasibility results, and patient match findings to get your trials on track and set up for success. If our technology determines that a specific protocol will not be supported by our population, we know before applying for a study through our data-driven process.

If you are a Sponsor or CRO and would like to leverage Cedar Health Research as an end-to-end site-network solution for your upcoming clinical trials, please contact us today.

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