Rasha Babikir, MBBS, MBA

Director of Sponsor & CRO Relations

Dr. Rasha, a medically trained physician overseas, who became successful in combining her passion for patient care and constantly acquiring knowledge by forging a career path in clinical research in her second home continent, the United States of America. Her eagerness in continuous growth constantly drives her to make choices to ultimately help her forge her paths to professional and personal success. Dr. Rasha gained her clinical research experience while working at UT Southwestern Medical Center. While there she pursued an MBA with a focus in Healthcare Management to expand her knowledge and support her professional growth. In 2020, she made the decision to step down from her position in Clinical Research and Education and venture out to new opportunities.

Dr. Rasha is a first generation American with Afro-Arabian roots from Sudan and Egypt. Her native language is Arabic. She is a wife and a mother of two sons whom she adores. She has intense passion for helping and guiding others when needed.