COVID-19 Pregnancy Study Registry

For physicians and physician practices:

Cedar Health Research, in alliance with Aspen Insights, is collaborating with OBGYN private practices across the US to build a community-based registry focused on studying the effects of COVID-19 on pregnant women and newborns. By utilizing cutting-edge, AI-driven data analytics with industry-leading privacy and ethical standards, Cedar Health Research will leverage this valuable data to help answer the unknowns regarding the effects of COVID-19 in pregnancy.

This is the first time that a community-based study registry of this size, leveraging machine learning technology that is integrated with practice and hospital EHR systems, will be performed. The registry will gather crucial COVID-19-related data from the physicians and scientists working on the front lines of women’s health and neonatology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does participation in the COVID-19 study registry mean to me?

You will directly contribute to the research of COVID-19 effects on pregnant women and newborns by sharing data in a HIPAA compliant, secure, and private manner. This will allow Aspen Insights, Cedar Health Research’s (CHR) technology partner, to perform data analysis using sophisticated machine learning methods that will uncover correlations between this newly identified virus and impacts on neonatals and women’s health. Your participation will also give you the opportunity to join user group calls where insights are revealed and discussed, such that you are able to steer the direction of research on this topic.

What is the process for participation in the COVID-19 study registry?

If you are interested in participating, complete the form below. The information that you enter on the contact form will be sent to a Cedar Health Research (CHR) representative, who will reach out to you to set up a more in-depth conversation. If your practice decides to join the fight against COVID-19 through participation in the COVID-19 study registry, a representative from Aspen Insights, CHR’s technology partner, will send an email outlining the next steps. These next steps include signing a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) to ensure HIPAA legal compliance and a Service Agreement (SA) to clearly explain the purpose and data usage of the study. Lastly, we will ask that you get Aspen Insights in contact with a representative from your EHR provider to begin data collection.

What will be analyzed for this COVID-19 study registry?

Primary endpoints

The co-primary endpoints will be the percentage of patients experiencing the most common complications of pregnancy and the mean change as documented in the electronic healthcare record.


Secondary endpoints

Secondary endpoints from obstetrical, neonatal, and infectious disease data will be analyzed to determine a mean change as documented in the electronic health care record.

What will be done with my data?

The pertinent data generated by your practice will be transferred to Aspen Insights where it will reside within a secure network, complete with physical barriers, at rest and in-transit encryption, state-of-the art firewalls, and advanced cyber security measures. These clinical records will then be de-identified, removing all personally identifiable information prior to data analysis and exploration. These anonymous records will then be used to find data correlations and insights that further our understanding of COVID-19 impacts.

Find out how your practice can participate in this important registry!

Cedar Health Research is seeking additional community OBGYN physicians and practices to participate in this important registry. If you or your practice would like to learn more about how you can get involved and contribute to this registry, please contact us today.  Our team will be happy to explain the steps to participate. Complete the form below to find out more.