Ezekiel Fink

Chief Medical Officer, Principal Investigator-Neurology

Ezekiel Fink M.D. is a Harvard trained physician with triple board certifications in neurology, pain medicine, and brain injury medicine.

Dr. Fink’s clinical research pain fellowship focused on developing objective markers for pain in various disease states. Since completing training, he has performed over 12,000 pain / spine procedures using image guidance, consulted on FDA device classification/registration, and published, trained, and lectured on assessment of nerve diseases.

After joining Houston Methodist in 2014, he designed numerous industry clinical trials and was the principal investigator / co-investigator in multiple studies and trials. In 2019, Dr. Fink was recognized for excellence in research by the Office of Research Protections.

Dr. Fink remains passionate about innovating solutions to the opioids epidemic and as a result is a leading authority in alternatives to opioids dealing with a variety of health care topics including low back pain, headache, prescribing metrics, electronic health record design, sickle cell disease, population health, dementia, and traumatic brain injury.

Today Dr. Fink’s positions include being a key opinion leader in matters relating to opioids for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Safety Council, an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA, and Medical Director of Pain for the Houston Methodist hospital system.